Emotional health is an important part of recovery from cancer
My emotional health is an initiative to address the emotional needs of cancer survivors and caregivers. Medical treatment, it’s after-effects and further tests get most attention after cancer diagnosis. There is enough medical evidence to demonstrate the value of caring for emotional health in terms of decreasing distress, improving quality of life and improving survival. Our focus is on emotional well-being. The goal is to enable individuals to take charge of their emotional health with the help of right information, self care tools and community support. Our group blog is a platform for you to share your experiences, learn from and support each other and the world.


writing big

Stories have the power to inspire and heal. Explore our great stories of struggle and healing.

Self Care


Your emotional health is in your hands. Acquire skills for self care from useful tools and articles.



Refer books, videos and audios picked for inspirational and useful information.

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