Emotional Health-Planning Sheet

My Emotional Health_My Choice_Planning sheetMy Emotional Health_My Choice_Planning sheetMy emotional health, My Choice

Planning Sheet

No Activity No Yes Planned Change Comments
1 I learn about ‘illness’ on a regular basis        
2 I do at least 30 minutes of exercise/walking daily        
3 I sleep for at least 8 hours daily        
4 I take daily fruits and vegetables        
5 I share my feelings with family/ friends        
6 I practice yoga daily        
7 I practice meditation        
8 I make caregiving a family activity        
9 I use all available social supports        
10 I try to understand my life from  my spiritual beliefs        
11 I listen to music daily        
12 I make  time for ‘Happy times’ daily        
13 I avoid tobacco use        
14 I avoid alcohol        
15 I write down my thoughts and feelings, periodically        

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