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Visualisation of Waterfall:my meditation through cancer–Prabha V. Daryanani

I came to Bangalore in 2004 mid- year and went back to my home Singapore, my birth place in August, to welcome my very first grandchild, Uma, who was born on the very day I arrived! Such joy!

Singapore is super-efficient and modern whereas Bangalore is so different. Singapore is an island and traffic, though heavy at times, is so regulated. Bangalore is land locked and traffic so chaotic that you say a prayer when you are in the car or crossing the road. Yet, India, Bangalore, endears me.

The hawkers, the small shopkeepers, show a largeness of heart when you don’t have small change. They often say it is okay that you return the 2 rupees the next time, knowing full well that may not happen. It is very rare to find this in Singapore.

On the roads little children greet you even if they don’t know you and if they do they will help you with your heavy groceries by carrying it to your doorstep. God bless them!

There is so much color and vibrancy as they celebrate their festivals with full fervor and fanfare. Never mind if the traffic gets disrupted and roads scattered with flowers or debris of fire crackers. One senses the national pride and free spirit of the people hence they wear such bright colors.

What to speak of the weather – as I and some people say Bangalore at most times has natural air conditioning.

I had promised this article to Hanifa, our out-going editor sometime in March ’16 but I am writing it only today. The reason being I am still being treated for breast cancer. I’m in the 3rd cycle of 12 chemos out of which 4 more remain.

I am Prabha Daryanani, member of OWC since 2006-7, and right now I am 72 years old. The treatment of cancer is tough and I am discovering that it is affecting a lot of other women too.

I would like to share with you all, that I tackle cancer with lot of prayers, positivity and cheerfulness. This helps. I treat cancer as an unwanted guest and it has to go one day!

Let me share with you all a Visualisation of Waterfall, a Meditation which came to me on my 4th chemo treatment.

“I found myself on a beautiful day sailing on a smooth beautiful river enjoying the breeze and natures beauty, when suddenly I came upon a waterfall. The waterfall represents Cancer, I went with the flow of the waterfall and hence made a soft landing. All around me were huge boulders, representing the rigorous and harsh chemo treatment, I could not push the boulders so I swirled around them patiently and gently, till I arrived again at soft gurgling waters of the same river. On either side of the river were lush pastures filled with beautiful trees, flowers and singing birds. I could swim to the shore and enjoy my healthy life if possible, a Winner!

 If for some reason that was not possible then like the river moving towards the source the sea, merges into it, yet the river still lives for the sun absorbs it turns it into clouds, then the clouds rain and somewhere on the mountains the river starts to flow again, life is eternal!

Likewise, the individual soul merges into the Supersoul, the soul is always eternal and beautiful, A Winner.”

I believe firmly that I have a right to Happiness and Joy so I love this meditation and as I proceed with the treatment I visualize and reflect on it often. I hope some of you like it!

Thank you, love and light for all!

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