Metamorphosis-a doctor’s autobiography-2002

Subhash R Naik

Dr. Subhash R Naik, Professor of ganstroenterology at sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical sciences, Lucknow shares his medical journey and his encounter with cancer.

Chapter 21, under the title, TWILIGHT YEARS,  covers the early symptoms, investigations, diagnosis, surgery and firther treatment and oncluding years. He presents a humane understanding of medicine in general and cancer care in particular.

The following paragraph is worth noting;

“The close bond within families and among friends is unique to our society. This bonding in ordinary course leads to encroachment on individual privacy and intra-family bickering. However, on occasions like wedding, illness or death, the display of affection and efforts that everyone makes are truly unparalleled. Although I was always aware of it, I had never experienced it myself that closely” (p.196).    

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