Face to Face with Cancer

Face to face with Cancer

Face To Face With Cancer – 2012

by Anagha Morje Ghosh (Author) (Amazon Summary)

Anagha discovered her cancer by chance which she successfully fought thanks to hope and help from everyone around.

While recuperating, she began to explore facts about cancer. Having been trained and practiced as a social development specialist for over 25 years of her life, her interest in various psycho – social issues surrounding cancer survivors was but natural. Her interactions with a good number of fellow patients as well as careful research impressed on her the paucity of medical facilities and services as well as other basic psycho social concerns related to cancer care in India compared to developed countries.

This book thus is more than just a personal story. Interweaving her personal experiences with available relevant resources the book tries to bring forth some relevant issues in the cancer care scenario of India that need attention sooner rather than later.

The book begins by sharing author’s vivid insights into her personal experiences of diagnosis, surgery and chemotherapy presenting a rainbow of human emotions during those agonizing times. It then goes on to describe what all she went through while coping with life after cancer – the moments of feeling low and picking herself up and how this crucial time impregnated the seed of this book.

She provides information right from screenings to positive attitude to various techniques of visualization, meditation, yoga etc based on her learning which may be of great help for people going through similar issues.

She also tries to impress upon the reader as to how it could be possible not to make cancer the dreaded BIG C ? at a personal, family and societal level. Her primary caregivers consisting of her husband and two daughters contribute their experiences and insights which the author utilizes as a base for discussing in depth various psychosocial issues faced by caregivers and offers some tips for caring for cancer patients.

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