Fatal Margin


Fatal Margin Paperback – 2014

by Umanath Nayak (Amazon Summary)

Cancer crusader or god-player?

Dr Veer Raghavan a dynamic young cancer surgeon is in CBI custody suspected of fraud medical negligence and malpractice. A forerunner in the field of oncology Veer’s reputation and credibility is at stake.

Is he guilty of committing the alleged crimes against his patients? Or is this a ploy staged by the corporate establishment unable to come to terms with his popularity and unprecedented rise?

Set in a bustling modern cancer hospital, this riveting novel takes us deep into the heart of the crucial battle between medical science and the complex and unpredictable nature of cancer.

The truth comes forth in a thrilling battle of wits in the final courtroom drama raising vital ethical questions about the immense power doctors hold over us while they negotiate the thin line between saving lives and playing god.

 About the Author

Umanath Nayak is a writer and surgeon. He trained as a Robotic Thyroid surgeon from EEC, Paris, and is a practicing cancer surgeon in Hyderabad. He is the author of Enduring Cancer , an inspirational book on cancer survivors. He regularly contributes to The Hindu. This is his first novel.

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