The Patient Patient


The Patient Patient-2016

by Tushar Rishi (Author) (Amazon Summary)

Fifteen going on sixteen, defining career choices await Sameer. To B. Tech, or not to B. Tech: That is the question.

Until, that is, the lump on his knee is diagnosed as bone cancer and Sameer embarks on a journey he never imagined for himself.


But in the whirlwind of hospital visits, doctors, chemotherapy, cannulas, injections, he discovers family, friends, love and hope. Life as he knew it is transformed for him, while he wanders through the narrow corridors of AIIMS, Delhi, trying to search for meaning in what has happened, his place in the universe, his beliefs and above all, himself.

Based on the author’s own life, ‘The Patient Patient’ is not only a young boy’s tale about cancer, it is also a story of the peculiarities of life, and his attempt to handle it with courage, dignity, and humour.

About the Author

Tushar Rishi was born in Patna and brought up in Ranchi. He is currently studying at Delhi Public School, Ranchi. Tushar was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2014 and The Patient Patient—his first novel—is based on his own experiences at AIIMS Delhi, where he spent a year fighting the disease.

Apart from reading and writing, he likes watching movies and TV series.



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