Celebration of cells

Cancer resonates and recreates Fear in the individual as well as the care givers. The fear creates a cloud in one’s mind and hides the Sun of the individual.
Thoughts of courage, power, confidence, hope and faith shall expand the Mind which in turns eliminate the Cloud thereby allow the Sun within us shall shine leading to better manifestation.
In Bhagavad Gita also Lord Krishna mentions about Fear and Confidence. When human beings are frightened they are not in harmony. It is fear that creates defenses and consumes a vital part of one’s energy which could be instead be used in positive ways. Confidence comes from inner strength, from the inner conscience that constantly judges one’s thoughts, feelings, desires and motivations.
Positive thoughts destroy negative like light destroys the dark
During my entire phase of celebration with the cells I was in complete harmony inside me. No element of doubt WHY ME
Any negative thought arise I discarded it with positive thoughts.


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