Hope – A Cancer Enabler

PARAM, 4th Feb 15 2016
Hope – A Cancer Enabler
When cancer gets diagnosed, I had life of Hopes and wanted to LIVE.
Through Hope, I conquered my fear from cancer and turned a life of tragedy into a life of triumph, a mess into a message, fear into faith and a test into a testimony.
One example of Hope I am sharing during my predicament days.
Post bone marrow transplant, it was one of my trips to vellore along with my wife for routine check up. Unfortunately the donor cells in my body was only 56% and my cells were 44%. The results were not encouraging and doctors were also perplexed.
On our way back while waiting at Katpadi station, my wife was in deep worry and tears continued to pour on the news of this % cells and I tried my best to convince her by giving her Hope. I told her that with our firm belief we have cruised till here and we shall win this war sooner or later.
In this situation there was a gentleman reading a book in our bench where we were sitting and he saw us and called my wife and said, ” dear sister I see that you are coming from vellore hospital as I see your husband with his masks etc and must be out for some treatment. Though I do not know the status of your treatment all I can say is don’t Lose Hope because the Almighty above has some best plans for you and your husband. Be rest assured that everything will fall in place and your husband will be healthy. I shall pray for you and your husband.”
Following visits, doctors found a simple method to ensure my donor cells grow and with that procedure in a couple of weeks I got a strong reaction on my skin that followed with 100% donor cells in my body which was a miracle.
The person who approached us reassured on the word Hope and Faith. His selfless time engaged to give us the strength to face life battle kick started the Hope within us and started a chain of positive energy. Hope is contagious.
It is never too late to start making the right choice. I am glad he took time to speak to my wife. His soothing words of assurance made a difference.
You never know the difference you can make in a person life. I decided to be Bold, compassionate and a HOPE Dealer. H.O.P.E – Helping One Person Everyday

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