Fighting Cancer:Yoga/Mindfulness

Mar 31 2016
I recommend Jon Kabat Zinn book called ” Full Catastrophe Living” where he explains how to practice mindfulness and to be in present and this moment.
I picked this below from the book as I could connect with my own experience as how mindfulness helped me to get healed from cancer.
When something goes wrong with our body or our mind, we have the natural expectation that medicine can make it right, and often it can. But as we will see further on, our active collaboration is essential in almost all forms of medical treatment. It is particularly vital in the case of chronic diseases or conditions for which medicine has no cures. In such cases the quality of your life may greatly depend on your ability to know your own body and mind well enough to work at optimizing your own health within the bounds, always unknown, of what may be possible. Whatever your age, taking responsibility for learning more about your body by listening to it carefully and by cultivating your inner resources for healing and for maintaining health is the best way to hold up your end of this collaboration with your doctors and with medicine. This is where the meditation practice comes in. It gives power and substance to such efforts. It catalyzes the work of healing.”

I strongly believe that Yoga and Meditation should be practiced. Yoga helps in fine tuning the body and shaping and strengthening the muscles tissues etc and meditation helps in shaping and strengthening the muscles of our brain and mind, and would refer this as mental therapeutic approach and this has healed me.

The extremely important aspect of doing Yoga and Mediation is being Mindful which enables to be in the present and that’s the power we learn from the Breathe.

We breathe the Air in form of inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon diode, and we can realise this while we are mindful and if we are not mindful, Breathe becomes Air. This mindfulness is a great healer for all, it helps in healing, stress reduction and eliminates pain. Life will manifest to see harmony bliss which restores the smiles in one and all.

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