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Mindfulness leads to a better Life with Practice of Meditation
“One woman with breast cancer had the insight while she was meditating one day that she was not her cancer. She saw vividly in one moment that she was a whole person and that the cancer was a process that was going on within her body. Prior to that, her life had been consumed with identifying with the disease and with being a “cancer patient. ” Realizing that she was not her cancer made her feel freer. She was able to think more clearly about her life, and decided that she could use having cancer as an opportunity to grow and to live more fully, for however long she had to live. In making the commitment to live each moment of her life as fully as possible and to use her cancer to help her, rather than showering blame or pity on herself for having it, she was setting the stage for healing, for dissolving the mental boundaries that confined her, for coming to terms with what she was facing. She understood that although she had hope that this approach might influence the cancer itself, there was no guarantee or even suggestion that the tumor would shrink or that she would live any longer. Her commitment to live with greater awareness was not chosen for those reasons. It was chosen because she wished to live life as fully as possible no matter what. At the same time, she wanted to remain open to the possibility that the course of the disease might be positively influenced by a more profound integration of her mind and body through the practice of mindfulness.”
Ref – Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat Zinn.
My testimony and practice of mindfulness was on similar lines. When diagnosed I realised that it was my body got the disease, not the mind. So I turned around the situation to remain mindful to win over the disease.
The quote that I always use –
Day to day I try not to focus on what my disease is doing, I rather focus on what my life is doing and then find out where the disease fits inside that otherwise you become preoccupied with just living to die rather than the other way-“ By Glenn Xavier
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