“Drink plenty of water”, “increase your liquid intake”.
Aren’t they simple and easy to follow instructions?

Just take a water bottle and drink. Work done. That’s all.
Yes, I thought so, till I had to schedule my visit to doctor some time ago in distress when I suffered with digestion related problems not so long ago.
Post my treatment, once I resumed normal office work, seldom acknowledged my thirst which resulted in postponing drinking water more often. Office work took precedence over simple task of drinking a glass of water.
Since my adulthood, house work, office work became focal point. So slowly caring for oneself took back seat. Old habits die hard. So once I resumed my office work, I followed same pattern.
I was postponing drinking a glass of water oblivious to the effect it had on my body. Soon It resulted in me developing digestion related issues.
So thought “may be if I keep a colourful water bottle handy, I might drink more water”.

3_single small bottle2_black bottle

No. that did not work for long.
Thought “may be if I keep small nice looking water bottle nearby, I might drink water more often”.

1-green bottle6-tupperware bottles

Unfortunately, that too did not make me drink water frequently.
The problem was not with the bottle it’s my non acknowledgement of thirst due to being immersed in work.
While going through ‘google playstore’, my eyes got fixed on an app, I got an idea. Explored it and found solution to my problem. Immediately downloaded and adjusted the settings. I set the app to remind with a buzz every hour to drink water/liquid. Each time I drink liquid, I log it into the app. At the end of the day I can check whether I have consumed enough water/liquid or not.
While I am busy at work hear the buzz, smile crosses my face, reach out for the water bottle have a glassful of water.
I have kept these bottles handy thinking that these will entice me to drink more water. To an extent, yes it has worked. My digestion problem is solved which has made my life once again become free from nagging health issues.
My latest addition to the collection of water bottles in quest to remember to drink water often

7-glass bottle


I chuckle “wow, an app to remind me to drink water?”

I am amused at the way I have adopted an app to solve my simple problem. I should soon learn to listen to my body rather than a beep from an app.

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