Cancer and Theology:Book

MURTHY:I have felt that finding ‘Meaning of LIFE’ is the biggest challenge of being diagnosed with cancer. I have been looking for answers and others experiences.
This book is excellent for many reasons. The contributions are from Christian preachers with their personal experience of living with cancer by themselves or in their families. Ththe other features of worth re the following from the reviewers;

Ironically, one of the repeated insights of the book is that there may not be words for the tragedy of cancer. The authors repeatedly suggest a ministry of presence is central, that sometimes the best thing we can do in the presence of cancer is to do and be rather than say. But this is a book, and books have words. Sometimes we need words to get us back around to the other side of words.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone who works in medicine, family and friends of loved ones with cancer, and anyone whose life has been touched in any way by this disease. The work is accessible and plain-spoken and displays the vulnerability and authenticity of the writers.

A truly great work of practical theology by some gifted thinkers and writers who are wrestling with the toughest of issues with humility, courage, and insight.

My personal recommendation for reading this book. I hope to bring out a similar book from India.

Cancer Theology_Book cover

Cancer & Theology-2013
by Tony Jones (Author), Brian McLaren (Author), Greg Garrett (Author), Kester Brewin (Author), Andrew Root (Author), Carol Howard Merritt (Author), David E. Fitch (Author), Abigail Rian Evans (Author), Paul Amlin (Author), Adam Walker Cleaveland (Author), Adam J. Copeland (Author), Nate Frambach (Author), Joshua Longbrake (Author), Brandon Lyman Mick (Author), Mike Stavlund (Author), Greg Syler (Author), Jake Bouma (Editor), Erik Ullestad (Editor)

Cancer & Theology is an anthology of sixteen essays addressing the difficult questions of faith raised by illness and death. The essays, penned by a diverse collection of Christian thinkers, are often raw and always honest. Cancer & Theology provides unique insights about the presence of God and the importance of community in the midst of grief and uncertainty.

List of contributors: Paul Amlin, Kester Brewin, Adam Walker Cleaveland, Adam J. Copeland, Abigail Rian Evans, David Fitch, Nate Frambach, Greg Garrett, Tony Jones, Joshua Longbrake, Brian McLaren, Carol Howard Merritt, Brandon Lyman Mick, Andy Root, Mike Stavlund, Greg Syler

A portion of all proceeds from the sale of this e-book will be donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

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