SURVIVORS-Poem by Sangeetha Param


Sangeetha Param, August 20 2018.

Life turned upside down
As I turned eleven
A six letter disaster
Hit us hard then.

What is it?
You may ask
It was!?

Fear ran through our veins
Questions raised in our brains
What’s to do? Where to go?
We had no clue I’m afraid so!

A tablet came
To our rescue
2 years flew by
With problems few.

Final stage arrived
Without an invite
We were crushed but we rushed
To a hospital far away.

Medicines in the form of chemo
Needles poked, it was felt till our bones
Pain in the mind and body
But I won’t give up said the mind boldly.

I have the will, I will survive
Said who? But no other than my guide
My father he fought this battle with death
And won it killing all the bad cells.

To all the patients! No wait! Survivors
I have a small message for you
Every morning as you wake up
Look at the mirror and say,
‘ I am a survivor ‘, ‘ I am a fighter’

This saying of ‘ Survival of the fittest’
Seems so untrue
It should be ‘ Survival of the bravest ‘
I think that is the truth.

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