Challenge of changes….Opportunities for Growth-H C Geetha

I am smiling… because…
Peace begins with a smile….

Challenge of changes….Opportunities for Growth

H C Geetha, August 28 2018
I opened my Facebook account,, sweetly surprised to read comments on recently uploaded photo of mine which read
“love that infectious smile”
“sada heege nagutha iru” etc.

Initial happiness of reading positive comments slowly melted away and a question creeped into my mind……

Considering my present life situation….
“Am I not supposed to look sad?”
“Am I really happy to be smiling”
”Is it Okay to feel this way, in spite of being in not so comfortable stage of life?”

With so many bitter experiences in life not so long…. How can I be smiling?

Mind drifted into past memories…from childhood to now….
After wondering…, pondering… digging into my past /present situation …into my mind… deeply hidden emotional scars…… got the following answer…

I am smiling because……………..

Instead of finding an answer for “Why me?”
took proactive steps to face the situation…..

Instead of fighting the situation…
accepted the situation…

Instead of getting into depression…
took up hobbies to check myself falling into deep valley
full of self destructive thoughts.

Instead of feeling bad about the situation
learnt to count my blessings….

Instead of sticking to couch
adopted a routing of physical activities…

Instead of harbouring grudge and ill feeling …
Learnt to forgive those.. whom I perceived to be the perpetrators of my misery and tormentors….
Because… I learnt that
“forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness
Because you deserve peace”
——- Jonanthan Lokwood Hule

Instead of becoming stagnant….
Upgraded my skills and applied it in my day to day work.

Instead of looking at my lost meaning following life shattering experiences…….
Found a new one in helping the needy….

Instead of crying over white canvass of my life….
Tried to repaint it by taking part in varied social, cultural,
community and religious events.

At last ……

Instead of fighting destiny and getting caught in the whirlpool of uncertainties, learnt to Surrender to Him as I realised that

No matter what dreams, ambitions, goals, and aspirations we have…
Only few lucky and fortunate ones are blessed to realise them.

Thus surrendered to Him by saying
“Anyatha Sharanam Nashti Thwameva cha
Thasmad karunya bhavena Raksha Raksha

And learn to live in the moment

Today I am breathing. is it not “the” simple and strong reason to smile,
when I got right people at right time to guide me through difficult times to harness my power of resilience should I not be indebted to Him?

Just like when we travel by air or train, we never know who the loco pilot or aircraft pilot is… but by having faith in him we sit through the journey.

Similarly having faith in Him l am travel in the course of my life journey. So it is quite natural for anybody to be calm and peaceful with oneself so the smile..

Thus realising this, my grin widened….and I continue to grow….

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