Four Indian Novels on living with cancer added to Books section

Cancer_Meenu walia_Cancer and Diet_Arati BhatiaHealed_Manisha KoiralaDark Circles_Mukharjee U_Dec 2018

I have added FOUR books written by different people that focusses on various aspects of living with cancer.

Two of them are by doctors, one by the film actor and the fourth is a novel with cancer as an important part of the story.The books are special as they are located in the context of life in India and based on many years of experience of caring for persons diagnosed with cancer.

The book by Dr.Arati Bhatia focusses on diet and Cancer, a much discussed topic in the whatsapp group.

You will find the summary of the books in the BOOKS SECTION.

Do read the same and after reading the book(s)please share/post your thoughts.

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