My close encounter with death-Dr.V.Sridharan

My close encounter with death-Dr.V.Sridharan

I really don’t know how to start this!

I have some doubts if this will be of use to others not because I think it is exclusive but because “I” actually didn’t “do” anything!!

My background is like this:

I come from a very orthodox traditional Hindu family and my childhood years were spent in such a traditional religio-social environment. I was initiated into spiritual practices from that age of 12. Study of spiritual literature, visiting saints and sages among other things were part of the routine in the elders of the family. Such routine and habits got rubbed on to me. Despite all this the family was not rigid but encouraged anchorage in the traditional value systems while exploring other systems.

I studied Pediatric Medicine for a vocation.

I married a girl (of my choice) who also comes from a highly spiritual family which was more open with an undercurrent of the principles of Universal Brotherhood of Man.

During the years after marriage we have met many genuine Monks, Saints and Sages. Even the elders in our families were highly evolved if I can use that phrase with humility, in the sense their life reflected what they studied and practiced.

The so called ‘life event’ occurred in 2013 when we were on a trip to Hyderabad.

We met with an accident.

The auto in which we were travelling was hit by a transport bus and seconds later we were lying on the road. How we crawled out of the auto still does not come to my memory. There was no loss of consciousness or major external wounds.

We were too shocked to think of doing anything and then the miracle started happening.

Someone had taken my mobile phone and called the last number I had called. (I do not know who actually called, it might have been the Auto driver!). That person contacted one of our colleagues in the hospital where I was working and that colleague called me and got to know vaguely where we were in Hyderabad.

Then things started cascading in the most favourable way and we were soon transferred to a top medical facility.

I was diagnosed to be having a serious internal injury (Rupture of Splenic artery) bleeding profusely into the abdomen. I was fully conscious of what was happening around me. The doctors were racing against time to save me. I knew that I was on the brink of death.

Then all of a sudden, a poetry written by Sri Ramana welled up in my mind filling my mind with lucidity and light.

The import of the poetry is : “Your are not this Body-Mind mechanism but the Conscious Awareness perceived in your Heart” .

At that moment there was a timeless perception of this reality. It was peaceful, there was no fear at all and people around told me later that they did not see any anxiety either in me or in my wife who also sustained some serious injuries.

Actually I did not do anything. It all happened. I may call it Grace.

When I woke up after the major Surgery, hours later, the sense of peace, tranquility and absolute security was still there and it lasted for about 3 days. During this time there was this strange feeling that all the people around me, the doctors, nurses and others were ‘Divine beings’.

The recovery was fast without any complication. The impact of this experience has deepened our conviction in our spiritual path.

I think, the teachings of Sri Ramana and Sri J. Krishnamurti are life giving and they cover the entire field of life.

We owe whatever little understanding we have of life and living to the teachings of these great Masters.

B.R.Hills, Karnataka.

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