Sharing of experiences are empowering for others in similar situations

You all recall the way Ms.Geetha Sekhar, referring to her changed situation as moving from being a DURACELL to ORDINARY cell.

I have an another anology. We are all like candles. In course of time we will burn out and disappear.
However, like aLIGHTED CANDLE, each of us can light other candles and spread light.

Supporting each other living with cancer is feasible.
Here is an example of such sharing and its benefit to an another survivor .

Mr.Param, a member of the Whatsapp group has this to share:

Sahaasa program where I had given a talk has enriched a patient of cytecare by name Kokila. (please see the 8 minute video of Mr.Param’s talk)

Feel so humbled and the power of advocacy makes me more stronger to Give

Ms.Kokila messaged me now(Feb 17, 2019)

Hi Param Sir ,
Kokila here from Cytecare.

We met at the Sahaasa event.
I successfully completed my Bone Marrow Transplant(BMT) process.

Your speech helped me a lot to stay there for 21 days.

The whole high dose chemotherapy , a number of blood and platelet transfusions , the constant diarrhoea, vomitting and all was not easy at all .

But I kept my focus on the goal that ultimately after all the pain there was going to be cancer free.

I kept talking to myself, I kept my family as my strength and I reassured myself of the hope, faith and trust.

I thought of you every day I was in the BMT room and told myself you did it and so will I. Thank you for being my motivator and giving me an insight of things before I could start the process.
Thank you soooo much.

This experience is a GOOD REASON to SHARE and SUPPORT each other.
Do take time to share any of your experiences in the blogpost.

Thank you Param, for sharing the video and the experiences.

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