Spirituality and Health-R.Srinivasa Murthy

Spirituality and Health

Spirituality and Health-R.Srinivasa Murthy

The evidence for the positive evidence of spirituality and its health benefits. This was part of the SPECTRUM lecture series of Sri Aurobindo Cultural Trust Centre at Bangalore.

Beginning with the broad definition of spirituality, ‘Spirituality is a broad concept which encompasses the search for MEANING, PERSONAL VALUES and DEVELOPMENT, a SENSE OF CONNECTION to SOMETHING BIGGER THAN OURSELVES, and extends to the TRANSCENDENT.’, he recounted the reference to spirituality/divine through the human history and modern times.

This was followed by the Ted talk by Prof.Blackburn, Nobel Laureate , demonstrating the link of the chromosomal telemeres to ageing and how meditation and positive response to stress can minimise the ageing process.
The evidence for the value of ageing in health situations like AGEING in the Nurses study, the beneficial effects in health conditions like diabetes, cancer, HIV-AIDS were shared.

The full presentation and the power-point presentation is here to see.
The presentation concluded with the Ted talk by Ms. Anand Shankar Jayant, a cancer Conqueror from 2008, who describes the challenges of living with cancer and its treatment and how she utilised her dance and belief in the divine to conquer the cancer. The presentation of Ms.Jayant concludes with the dance ‘SIMHANANDINI’.

There are two Ted talks embedded in the talk.

The link to the you tube videos are:

Elizabeth Blackburn: Telemeres and ageing

Anand Shankar Jayant

Response to Spirituality & Health talk on July 6 2019.

(from an anonymous cancer survivor) July 7 2019

Interesting topic and very nicely explained by you Sir.

Spirituality can change one’s life in not just giving them a sense of purpose in life adding a whole new dimension to the way one looks at the external world.

Being religious is completely different from being spiritual.

Spirituality is truly heals you… believing that the universe is working for your greater good is my definition of spirituality.

I have actually experienced the magic of the universe several times…so yes, that makes me a very spiritual person.
Power-point Presentation:
Elizabeth Blackburn _AGEING_TED2017

Audio of the Talk:

2_SPECTRUM_Spirituality and Health_July 6 2019_MurthyElizabeth Blackburn _AGEING_TED2017

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