True Love – Just a Currency for Joy – Sri Arvind Bhashyam


True Love – Just a Currency for Joy

Sri Aravind Bhashyam,
Professor of Civil Engineering,
Christ University,

This talk at Sri Aurobindo Cultural Trust, Bangalore on July 20,2019 was very special. Starting with the title of the talk, which raised a sense of mystery to the speaker, an eminent Civil Engineer speaking philosophy.
What was a very special was the way Mr.Arvind combine the high level philosophical thoughts with personal experiences. He made three important points.
Firsty, JOY can come only through ‘THINKING BEYOND YOURSELF’
Secondly, everything that happens in inside us.
Thirdly, accept others as they are and do not judge others.

You can listen to the talk here.
In addition , he introduced the book JOY 24X7, which covers the same ground.
All in all it was a memorable evening.
Please listen to the talk, read the book and share your thoughts and experiences of LOVE and JOY.

R.Srinivasa Murthy
July 21 2019.

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