Spiritual way of living with a diagnosis of Cancer: Anonymous

Personal experience of a person living with a diagnosis of Cancer, after reading the special issue of THE CALL BEYOND (2016) from Sri Aurobindo Society( please documents section for the full 21 page document of articles).
( by a member of the WhatsApp group: My emotional health)

Dear Sir,
After reading the article, I found the mind body approach to healing the disease very interesting.

I was amazed to read what the psychologists have found out. To my surprise, I had applied the exact methodology during my treatment.

To be very honest, no one had told me how to deal with this very tough and challenging situation of my life and neither did I look for any answers on the internet.

I think that was probably the beginning of divine intervention in my life.

Throughout my treatment, each day I’d affirm the presence of the spirit and allow it to heal me. I still practice that every morning when I go out for my walk.

I look at the magnificent sun and just try to visualize that it’s warm and powerful rays are healing every cell in my body. I also thank the universe for giving me another beautiful day to live my life to the fullest.

Gratitude and prayers have played a very important role in my life. I would like to describe myself as a spiritual person more than a religious person.

Coming back to my treatment days, it definitely felt awful to be sick and tired all the time but I must confess that I have some very strange experiences everytime I was admitted in the hospital.

I had 100% faith in my treating doctors and also the medicines that were given to me. I completely believed that what my doctor is doing is the best thing for me and I never had nor I still have any doubts or second thoughts on that.

I had not told my parents about my illness but I guess the way my doctor treated me was always very comforting and reassuring.

It was a similar feeling that a child down with fever has when her father/mother touches her forehead. I felt the same way. The doctor wasn’t just treating me for the disease,he was also healing me at the same time.

This is exactly what has been written in that article. God touches you in many forms and my doctor was just one of the instruments sent by God. Since my chemo cycles were spaced between a gap of 3 weeks, strangely enough I would just look forward to visiting the hospital and getting the next cycle done.

The universe surely has mysterious ways of working. In order to receive the gifts from the universe we just need to believe and it starts at the cellular level, like it’s been mentioned in the article.

The moment you start believing that I’m in safe hands and the universe is taking care of me, that micro-step is the stepping stone to a major life transforming change. The energy that one experiences is phenomenal.

What you choose to believe is directly correlated to the amount of magic you experience in your life.

During times of uncertainty, God does empower every individual with two indestructible tools-FAITH and GRATITUDE. These two are the most powerful spiritual forces. I have personally experienced how strong and powerful they can be especially while coping with a disease like cancer.

Faith is an exercise in patience and trust. If everything happened on your terms, in your way, under your control, on your watch, you’d never learn to trust the unknowable, uncontrollable mystery.

When there is anxiety and uncertainty, how do you grow your faith?

You start with blind faith, trusting in the invisible forces that you can sense but not prove. Then, as you let go and surrender to these invisible forces over and over, you watch as the Universe bends time and space to show up for you in the most mysterious ways.

The other force is gratitude.

Gratitude brings you back into the present.

When you’re able to stay in a state of gratitude, even when you’re sad, frustrated, or uncomfortable that feeling of openness in your heart helps you through the challenges in your life.

Cultivating gratitude in the moment has the power to shift your energy from fear, and worry into a state of expanded hope.

So, I can say that the mind body approach to treating cancer patients definitely has positive outcomes and I am a living example of that.

Thank you for sharing this and I’d appreciate if could share more such articles.

The Call BeyondThe Call Beyond

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