LOCKDOWN (losses and Gains) Dr.Shashvat Shere

LOCKDOWN (losses and Gains)
Dr.Shashvat Shere,
Consultant Psychiatrist,

I used to like to travel a lot,
Void in my life I always fought.
With meeting people all over,
I thought my happiness grows forever.

The beautiful colours in the nature,
And the sounds of music on the player,
The fragrance of a deo or a flower,
And the taste of some restaurant’s exotic dinner,
The soothing touch of grass or sand,
All senses made my happiness grand.

Then came this period of lockdown,
In fear of solitude I thought I will drown.
A couple of days I passed in the sadness,
Waiting for the news of ending the madness.

And then came the moment of EUREKA,
For the first time I had a MAUKA,
To look at my home and family in detail,
And found them better than the best motel.

We talk, we laugh and on memories we ponder,
Never feeling bored or lonely any longer.
And at times when I look inside my mind,
Believe me the travel is one of a kind.
I can dive deep into the past,
And collect the pearls of wisdom fast.
I can wash away my old hurt and pain,
With feeling of love for all is what I gain.

2 thoughts on “LOCKDOWN (losses and Gains) Dr.Shashvat Shere

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  1. Well written.. lovely expression… very much true that sudden lockdown makes everyone feel withdrawal effect .. later detox by family happiness… the way everybody got a chance of spending quality time with kids , spouse , parents and grandparents 💜


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