Mental Health and the Pandemic-April 14 2020

Mental Health and the Pandemic-April 14 2020

Locked in: Mental Health, circa Covid-19 (with Dr. Shyam Bhat and Anna Chandy)
Mind trouble in uncertain times
DATE & TIMETue, 14 Apr 2020


Dr. Shyam Bhat

Anna Chandy


Pavan Srinath
Pavan Srinath
Podcast host

Mental health remains a stigma for most Indians today.

How can Indians overcome anxiety and depression?

What are the new challenges posed by a global pandemic, economic uncertainty and an indefinite lockdown?

Episode 6 of BIC Talks explores various questions and misconceptions around mental health in India.

Dr. Shyam K. Bhat and Anna Chandy are in conversation with host Pavan Srinath.

Dr. Shyam K. Bhat is a Physician and Psychiatrist, with over 20 years experience, and has a special interest in holistic and integrative methods of treatment.
Anna Chandy is a social psychologist and counsellor.

Shyam and Anna are both trustees of The Live Love Laugh Foundation against depression.

CNN-International (April 14 2020)

Chris Cuomo, shares his personal experiences with COVID 19. In the attached interview he shares the emotional impact, especially fear, depression and mental clouding.

Chris Cuomo Covid-19 update: I can’t shake my fever

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