Is India ignoring its biggest mental health crisis? Mirror Now, May 15,2020

The Urban Debate

EP1037 – Is India ignoring its biggest mental health crisis? | The Urban Debate
15 MAY 2020 | MIRROR NOW TV | 51 MIN 05 SEC

On The Urban Debate with Tanvi Shukla, United Nations warns of global emergency.

In India, one of the reasons for people to face mental health problems is the lack of awareness & sensitivity about the issue, as there is a big stigma around it.

There’s a huge population which is asymptomatic in mental health also. says, Moolchand Hospital Delhi Senior Psychiatrist Dr. Jitendra Nagpal.

As we’re stuck at our homes during this Lockdown.

How can we seek help?

Director of NIMHANS Dr. B N Gangadhar explains.

We need to focus on what’s going to happen when things start easing,

The challenge is how are we going to adapt to the ‘new normal’ again.

We need to look at this crisis time as learning. says, Counsellor Usha Krishnamurthy.



My thoughts about the above TV debate and presentation(to be added)

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