World Cancer Survivor Day, June 7, 2020.

Letter to cancer from Cancer Survivor

World Cancer Survivor day June 7 2020.

Dear Cancer,

Though you don’t deserve to be called as DEAR but I have strong reasons that overshadows the harm you have done and that’s the only reason I am using Dear for you. 

So let’s start from the beginning. You entered in my life when I was trying to make my life perfect and for that I was taking care of myself physically and mentally too. I was so excited for my birthday and for the coming festivals but just before I could enjoy the things as I expected you entered in my life and gave all of us a big shock.

You were not in my vision at all and so I was not prepared to deal with you but anyhow I managed to walk on this journey with you. I always considered you as a strict teacher who is hard with me to take out the best of me.

Each day with you was a new challenge, you and chemo can do a lot to a person, on the one side you cause anger and frustration and just after some moment I’m calm and cool, one day I feel like and I can dance the whole day and the very other day it’s hard for me to even get up from my bed, you made me feel guilty for the tears and heartaches of my family, you made me fight with the demons only I can see, you made me a person even I did not recognize, you made me feel exhausted of everything but you underestimated me.

You got tougher and tougher day by day and with that I got stronger and stronger. 

You took my hair and wanted me to feel embarrassed and lose my self esteem but I learned to admire my inner beauty. 

You gave me scars and I made them my motivation.

You made me physically so weak that there was a time when even blinking my eyes was  a difficult task for me but I didn’t let you harm my mental health and became mentally strong. 

You took away 3 years of my life and wanted me to regret over that but I looked deep into myself and found what I really meant to be.

You wanted me to cry over small things I can’t enjoy but I learned to be happy on the things I can still enjoy.

You wanted me to give up but to your dismay here you are giving up on me.

You were so ruthless that you did every possible thing to break me down, convulsions, typhoid, jaundice, swine flu, severe pains and fever, emotional traumas and what not but I managed well to punch you on your face and came out even more stronger.

I have all these and other so many reasons to hate you and I hate you so much for that but on the other hand I am also thankful to you because these reasons are nothing in front of the lessons I learned because of you.

You made me appreciate the things I have, you made me realize how lucky I am, you taught me to love myself, you taught me to do the things I love, you taught me to live my life fully and take everyday as a blessing, you taught me to be grateful for everything, you made me differentiate between what is important and what’s not, you made me a person I was never before or couldn’t think of being the one, you lit a fire within me.

You already know that whenever I learned something new whether it is drawing, quilling or major life lessons whatever it be I always thanked you first and as now I am done with all the lessons so there is no reason for you to stay in my life now. So goodbye forever.

(contributed by Ms. Harmala Gupta, New Delhi).


A video for the World Cancer Survivor day(2020)

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