Maintaining Emotional Health During the Pandemic-Prof.R.Srinivasa Murthy

Maintaining Emotional Health During the Pandemic
-Prof.R.Srinivasa Murthy

This is a recent(June 8,2020) talk to a group of pensioners in Bangalore about:
-Understanding the emotional impact of the pandemic/lockdown;
Importance of social connectedness while maintaining physical distancing,;
-Living in the Present;
-Methods to maintain emotional health;
-Methods that can be used to master worries, anxieties, fears and other stresses; and
-Importance of Spirituality.

Resource Document:

World Politico Review. 2020.

Page 20:
Take Mental Health Seriously:
” Even in those of us who have not been affected by the corona virus, the pandemic has borrowed deeply into our minds and hearts. In the months ahead , we will be acutely vulnerable to loneliness. anxiety, boredom and -increasingly- grief. We need a psychological relief operation to airdrop assistance to people in managing their emotional and mental states. And even as we stay apart physically, we will need to develop deeper forms of online interaction to nurture our sense of belonging”.

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