THE POWER OF MUSIC IN DIFFICULT TIMES-Bangalore International Centre, June 9 2020

My observations:

We are all going through difficult times. For those of us living with a diagnosis of cancer, it is doubly challenging to live with the complex uncertainties.
As I have shared, MUSIC , is an important way of addressing and improving EMOTIONAL HEALTH.

The following programme is special as it illustrates the value of music in difficult times. Mr.Nuvi Mehta shares the insights beautifully.

I enjoyed it and learnt from viewing the programme.
I hope you will also find it of value.

Ms.Nirupama Rao was excellent as moderator.
Thank you BIC for this excellent programme.
R.Srinivasa Murthy

THE POWER OF MUSIC IN DIFFICULT TIMES-Bangalore International Centre June 9,2020.

In this talk Nuvi Mehta will highlight the importance of the arts and specifically music to the human mind, referencing work of philosophers and scientists of the past, as well as current scientific explorations of music and the brain.

The arts, perception and politics.
What making music means.
The need for music in critical times.
Historical examples including excerpts of the music of Beethoven, Mahler, Messiaen, and Shostakovich, as well as larger folk traditions.

Mr. Nuvi Mehta includes a few short prerecorded performances of his own.

The talk was followed by a discussion between Nuvi and Nirupama Menon Rao, Founder-Trustee of the SASF. They took questions from viewers.

In collaboration with:
About the Foundation:
The South Asian Symphony Foundation works toward building peace and mutual understanding in South Asia through the medium of music and the creation of the unifying platform of a South Asian symphony orchestra .

Nuvi Mehta

Nuvi Mehta

Nuvi Mehta has a gift for capturing the minds and hearts of his audiences. The L.A. Times likens him to a young Gary Cooper, saying, “His old-fashioned Hollywood charisma extends to an eloquent and theatrical way of speaking that is almost entirely lost today.”
Named Artistic Director of the Ventura Music Festival Association, Mehta expanded the range of festival concerts, and added ‘What’s the Score’ Talks, Up Close receptions with artists, and community outreach events. The Festival today presents some of the most illustrious artists in the worlds of Classical music, Jazz and Crossover.

Appointed Director of Special Projects for the San Diego Symphony, Mehta launched the Symphony’s Classical Edge Series – multi-media concerts, combining drama and music education, introducing new patrons to ‘the stories behind the notes’. Mehta’s on stage demonstrations and concert talks draw up to 1000 patrons a night.

Conducting appearances have taken Mehta across the United States, to Europe and to Mexico. He has been a guest of the San Diego Symphony, the New World Symphony the Knoxville Symphony, the Fine Arts Chamber Orchestra of Mexico City, and the San Diego Chamber Orchestra. He has appeared as violin soloist with the San Diego Symphony, the Marquette Symphony, the Ann Arbor Symphony, the San Diego Chamber Orchestra, the American Youth Symphony, and as concertmaster and soloist with the New World Symphony.

Sought after as a teacher and public speaker, Mehta carries his passion for music into classrooms, boardrooms and conventions, regaling young and old alike with the stories and techniques of the great composers.
Mehta is a graduate of Indiana University and The Juilliard School. He lives in Jamul, California.

Nirupama Menon Rao
Founder Trustee, SASF

Nirupama Rao

Nirupama Menon Rao was Foreign Secretary of India (2009-2011) She was Ambassador of India to China (2006-2009) and Ambassador of India to the United States from 2011 to 2013. Ambassador Rao is a Founder-Trustee with her husband, Sudhakar, of The South Asian Symphony Foundation ( – a not-for-profit Trust which is dedicated to promoting mutual understanding in South Asia through the creation of a South Asian Symphony Orchestra

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