Emotional Stability and Stress Management by Swami Muktidanandaji, Mysore

Emotional Stability and Stress management_Aug 20 2020

Excellent presentation of causes of stress experiences and how to address it by emotional stability.

My understanding and TAKE HOME points:
1. Connect with the higher power;
2. Recognise that you are only a small part of the universe;
3. Learn to Live in the present;
4. Develop routines including exercise, relaxation, breathing exercises, hobbies,listening to music, spiritual reading;
5. Keep ready coping mechanisms that you can use(like remembering something significant, a recalling of spiritual thought, distraction activity, reaching out to others etc), when you meet stress, so that you can use it, at that time;
6. Devote yourself to service, which will elevate your life purpose and minimise the stresses;
7. In a challenging situation, think of the past and futureto develop an appropriate response, and
8. Make all these measures a part of your daily life, so that when the unexpected comes you can overcome with least distress

Please see the video and share your thoughts.

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