COVID and Mental Health: Surmounting the Second Wave, BIC, June 2,2021

Surmounting the Second Wave

• Bangalore International Centre, Jun 3, 2021

Pandemic Lessons on Dealing with Grief, Loss and Fear with

Prof.. Prabha Chandra,

Prof. Paulomi Sudhir,

Dr. Soumitra Pathare and

Dr. Ravindra Mehta in conversation with Rohini Nilekani.

The second wave of the pandemic has left ever more numbers of people dealing with stress and anxiety. There is fear and uncertainty, loss and grief.

There is isolation, survivor’s guilt, and often an inability to get some closure with rituals in the case of death. There is frustration and anger at the system.

Normal ways of processing emotional tension seem to be less effective than usual.

There is a lot of alarming data on the emergence of widespread mental health issues in the pandemic.

Yet there are some positive signs that there is less stigma about approaching professionals, and seeking help. People now recognize what we did not in 2020 – this will be a marathon, not a sprint. How can we hope to cope?

In this panel, four distinguished medical experts discuss how we can keep up our energies for developing better resilience.

The session focussed on:

What have they learnt anew in these past 15 months?

What is the latest evidence on what works, and what doesn’t when it comes to emotional well-being? When is it imperative to seek professional help?

How can we accept people’s emotional states as fully legitimate and real, and still help people transform hopelessness into more positive agency?

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