Psychosocial Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic: C.M.C.Vellore, June 3,2021

Experiences of a frontline healthcare worker: Dr. Catherine Priscilla Paul, Post-graduate Registrar, Department of Medicine,

CMC Evidence-based approach to assessing the psychosocial impact: Dr. Prathap Tharyan, Adjunct Professor, B V Moses Centre for Evidence-Informed Healthcare / Clinical Epidemiology Unit, (Retd. Professor of Psychiatry),

CMC Community perspectives on psychosocial impact: Dr. Johann Ebenezer, Assistant Physician, Department of Distance Education, CMC Psychosocial impact on the elderly:

Dr. Mathew Varghese, Sr. Professor of Psychiatry, Head, Geriatric Clinic & Services, NIMHANS, Bangalore Spiritual care during the pandemic: Rev. Dr. Arul Dhas T., Head, Department of Chaplaincy, CMC

Moderator: Dr. Deepa Ramaswamy, Professor of Psychiatry, CMC The webinar hosted by the CMC Vellore COVID Command Centre (CCC) Training Desk on the 31st of May concluded with a live Q and A session.

0:05 Welcome from CCC

1:48 Moderator introduces topic

2:51 Introduction of 1st speaker

3:08 Experiences of frontline HCW

11:15 Introduction of 2nd speaker

11:45 Evidence-based approach

30:27 Introduction of 3rd speaker

 31:31 Community perspectives

45:43 Introduction of 4th speaker

46:32 Impact on the elderly

59:32 Introduction of 5th speaker

 01:00:26 Spiritual care

01:12:15 Closing remarks

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  1. In these times of Covid pandemic: The images that I saw and the words that I heard in the media ever since the pandemic began, made me feel very powerless to reach out to those people and console and counsel them. I had a few chances to do that but I found that grief facilitation per se requires a special training of its own. This is why when I was informed that Aalamban is organizing a Grief Facilitation traininh, I was very attracted to learn from the distinguished Dr. Srinivas Murthy.

    Disenfranchised grief, also known as hidden grief or sorrow, refers to any grief that goes unacknowledged or unvalidated by social norms.. People in grief are told to be strong, be responsible and are generally lead to believe that grieving will cause suffering. They are not allowed to feel the grief,understand the emotion and do not pass throug through its various stages. Therefore grief is often minimized or not understoid, which makes it particularly hard to process and work through.

    From what I have understood is that the conceptual framework of Grief Facilitation via the hybrid scientific-spiritual method as propounded by Dr. Radha Srinivas Murthy is worth undergoing training in. It feels like the righ approach to take to alleviate sortow. It is my sincere belief that there is no better teacher I can learn from nor is there a more distinguished organization like Aalamban to be associated with.


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