Strengths based practice in social work in Pandemic: A conversation: Prof.Venkat Pulla, Feb 2021

Strengths based practice in social work in Pandemic: A conversation

Feb 2021

Whenever we assist people in their recovery and their empowerment, our commitment to build on their inherent strengths goes a long way.

 In all humility this is about a way of asking people that we serve-

 three simple but pertinent questions:

  • What has worked for you before?
  • What does not work for you?
  • And what might work in the present situation for you?

These three questions will allow facilitators and people that we work with to make important changes in the processes and goals of engagement that will see through a variety of changes; as workers we are often wonder struck as, with every change:

 A process that allows people to blossom.


This is a brilliant talk/ conversation.
I am deeply impressed by the enormous amount of experience, Prof. Pulla brings to the current pandemic situation.

What I liked is the POSITIVE approach, a possibility view, even against the background of the negative questions.

The need for social workers to think creatively and possibilities for POSITIVE CHANGES from this crisis of the country came through loud and clear.

I hope the social work community will get the SPIRIT of his talk.
As individuals and community we have to think creatively using our skills and commitment to the society.
Memorable conversation.

After seeing do share your thoughts. Thank you.

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