WISDOM talk by Dilip Jeste(2021)


An important Oration, by Prof. Jeste, bringing together many streams of thoughts on Wisdom.

Prof. Dilip Jeste (USA) speaks on
Wisdom, Gita and Neuroscience: Relevance to Humanities
Dr. M V L Kothari Chair of Medical Humanities, Mumbai.Jan 23, 2021

Salient points of the talk:
We are in the middle of a ‘Modern Behavioural ‘pandemic’ characterised  by
Loneliness – hard challenge for humanity;
⁃ Genetic basis of loneliness, and its association with heart diseases, diabetes, addiction, depression, suicide etc;
⁃ Decrease of life span in USA;
⁃ High rates of burnout and suicide in medical professionals;
⁃ Loneliness is inversely / negatively associated with WISDOM;
⁃ Wisdom of the Gita- content analysis;
⁃ Equanimity;
⁃ Humility;
⁃ Lack of narcissism;
⁃ Decisiveness;
⁃ Spirituality;
⁃ Levels of wisdom;
⁃ Acquiring wisdom;
⁃ Neurological aspects of wisdom- o juries to brain , illnesses of brain like dementia, brain tumours;
⁃ Wisdom and ageing;
⁃ Grandmother hypothesis of Wisdom- value in upbringing of grandchildren;
⁃ Inter-generational activities;
⁃ Components of wisdom- cognitive, affective and social;

Measures to improve WISDOM
⁃ Value of Exercise, Mindfulness, compassion; spirituality; empathy intervention; self-reflection; emotional regulation; self-compassion;

⁃ Need for reorientation of education al all levels to include the ‘ SOFT SKILLS’. – components of WISDOM. *******************************************************************

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