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Mindfulness leads to a better Life with Practice of Meditation "One woman with breast cancer had the insight while she was meditating one day that she was not her cancer. She saw vividly in one moment that she was a whole person and that the cancer was a process that was going on within her... Continue Reading →

Fighting Cancer:Yoga/Mindfulness

PARAM Mar 31 2016 I recommend Jon Kabat Zinn book called " Full Catastrophe Living" where he explains how to practice mindfulness and to be in present and this moment. I picked this below from the book as I could connect with my own experience as how mindfulness helped me to get healed from cancer.... Continue Reading →

Hope – A Cancer Enabler

PARAM, 4th Feb 15 2016 Hope - A Cancer Enabler When cancer gets diagnosed, I had life of Hopes and wanted to LIVE. Through Hope, I conquered my fear from cancer and turned a life of tragedy into a life of triumph, a mess into a message, fear into faith and a test into a... Continue Reading →

Coping with Cancer-friends

Param- Coping with Cancer-role friends and wellwishers I had series of Pitfalls during the diagnosis, severe side effects during chemotherapy, threat to life etc etc continued to batter me. But I showed endurance throughout this period. I am proud to say I got fantastic support from my wife and children, the employees of the company... Continue Reading →

Celebration of cells

Cancer resonates and recreates Fear in the individual as well as the care givers. The fear creates a cloud in one's mind and hides the Sun of the individual. Thoughts of courage, power, confidence, hope and faith shall expand the Mind which in turns eliminate the Cloud thereby allow the Sun within us shall shine... Continue Reading →

Diagnosis of Cancer

When the news of Cancer was broken during the peak of my career in Feb 2004, I was knocked down for a moment, but found wisdom Within myself of not losing Hope, Faith and Trust, I had in me, my family and treating doctors. I realised my mind and soul are not affected by leukaemia... Continue Reading →

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