Fighting Cancer:Yoga/Mindfulness

PARAM Mar 31 2016 I recommend Jon Kabat Zinn book called " Full Catastrophe Living" where he explains how to practice mindfulness and to be in present and this moment. I picked this below from the book as I could connect with my own experience as how mindfulness helped me to get healed from cancer.... Continue Reading →

WALKING for Emotional Health

My Emotional Health-My Choice: Walking The diagnosis of cancer throws life as the individual knows, prior to the diagnosis, to a state of uncertainty. There is a constant effort to find solutions/cures. Susan Sontag, herself a survivor of Cancer, describes the change as follows; Illness is the night-side of life, a more onerous citizenship. Everyone... Continue Reading →

Caregiver Emotional Health

Caregiving: Caring for the self Cancer is a life changer  for the patient (Harmala Gupta, ICS, 2013,p.39) and the caregivers (Anuradha Mittal,ICS,2013,p.13).Caregiving is complex responsibility. In India, caregiving is largely by the family members as there are extremely limited alternative institutional facilities and welfare supports for those with long-standing illnesses like cancer. In addition, in... Continue Reading →

SELF-Care for Emotional Health

TAKING CARE OF YOUR EMOTIONAL HEALTH Your illness and its treatment can present a number of challenges to you and to your family. These challenges include medical care and its side effects, surgical care, financial aspects of care and transitory/ temporary disruption of your life and the impact on family members. One of the important... Continue Reading →

Emotional Health-Planning Sheet

My Emotional Health_My Choice_Planning sheetMy Emotional Health_My Choice_Planning sheetMy emotional health, My Choice Planning Sheet No Activity No Yes Planned Change Comments 1 I learn about ‘illness’ on a regular basis         2 I do at least 30 minutes of exercise/walking daily         3 I sleep for at least... Continue Reading →

Self-Reporting Questionnaire(SRQ)

W.H.O. SELF REPORTING QUESTIONNAIRE (SRQ)(WHO,1980)                                                                                                        Yes     No Do you often have headaches? Is your appetite poor? Do you sleep badly? Are you easily frightened?        Do your hands shake? Do you feel nervous, tense or worried?                                               Is your digestion poor?                                                                          Do you have trouble thinking clearly? Do you feel unhappy? Do you cry more... Continue Reading →

Fighting sleeplessness

Sleeping seems like such a natural and normal thing to do. It comes naturally to birds, animals, rich, poor, even small babies, maybe even plants. Everybody and everything sleeps. But a few years back, a good night’s sleep was so elusive to me. I’ve had trouble sleeping for many years. But my sleep quality has... Continue Reading →

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