Psychosocial Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic: C.M.C.Vellore, June 3,2021 Experiences of a frontline healthcare worker: Dr. Catherine Priscilla Paul, Post-graduate Registrar, Department of Medicine, CMC Evidence-based approach to assessing the psychosocial impact: Dr. Prathap Tharyan, Adjunct Professor, B V Moses Centre for Evidence-Informed Healthcare / Clinical Epidemiology Unit, (Retd. Professor of Psychiatry), CMC Community perspectives on psychosocial impact: Dr. Johann Ebenezer, Assistant Physician,... Continue Reading →

Pandemic and Emotional Health: Prof.R. Srinivasa Murthy, April 25,2021.

Pandemic and Emotional HealthCentral University of RajasthanProf. R. SrinivasamurthyMay 12 2021 The talk covers the following topics:0-11mts: Introduction 11-58 mts; Talk 11-27 mts: Newer understanding of Emotional Health;28-32 mts: Pandemic and Emotional Health;33- 37 mts: Self care measures;38- 43 mts: Distress management;43-44 mts: Seeking professional help;45-58 mts; Contributing to Society59- 110 mts: Questions and answers.

Psychosocial Support during the COVID-19 pandemic, April 2021

A Training Manual for Counsellors By Rahbar A Field Action Project of the School of Human Ecology,  Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai Tata Institute of Social Sciences In Collaboration With National Disaster Management Authority Section 1: Need for psychosocial support during the pandemic  Section 2: Frameworks for psychosocial support  Chapter 1: Theoretical underpinnings... Continue Reading →

Mental Health and the Pandemic-April 14 2020

Mental Health and the Pandemic-April 14 2020 Locked in: Mental Health, circa Covid-19 (with Dr. Shyam Bhat and Anna Chandy) Mind trouble in uncertain times DATE & TIMETue, 14 Apr 2020 SPEAKERS Dr. Shyam Bhat Anna Chandy Pavan Srinath Podcast host Mental health remains a stigma for most Indians today. How can Indians overcome anxiety... Continue Reading →

Social Distancing and Mental Health by Prof.Sandro Galea, April 1 2020

"The Science of Social Distancing: Part 2" April 1 2020. Excerpts relating to Mental Health: ( from the full transcript) Presenter: Prof.Sandro Galea. From COVID COVERSATIONS, National Academy of Medicine and American Public Health Association. (emphasis added-Murthy) Dr. Sandro Galea, the Dean of Boston University’s School of Public Health. He's an emergency medicine physician with... Continue Reading →

MENTAL Health of lockdown society a matter of concern, The Hindu April 7 2020 Mr.Satyasundar Barik

MENTAL health of lockdown society a matter of concern The Hindu April 7 2020 Satyasundar Barik (emphasis added_Murthy) Odisha State Disaster Management Authority directs District Collectors to collaborate with NGOs and provide counselling to the distressed With the nationwide lockdown entering the third week, mental health experts urged authorities to adopt stress-busting solutions to keep... Continue Reading →

NIMHANS pitches in to shun stigma and psychosocial trauma-Afshan Yasmeen, THE HINDU, April 8 2020

NIMHANS pitches in to shun stigma and psychosocial trauma The Hindu, April 8 2020 Afshan Yasmeen (emphasis added-Murthy) Union Health Ministry has entrusted the institute with the task of preparing information, education, and communication material on COVID-19 In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Union Health Ministry has entrusted NIMHANS, the country’s premier mental... Continue Reading →

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