Emotional Health during the Pandemic-

Emotional Health during the Pandemic The emotional impact of pandemic can be understood by a statement made, over 102 years back, during the 1918 Spanish Flu, by the Father of the Nation, Sri. Mahatma Gandhi: ‘This protracted and first long illness in my life thus afforded me a unique opportunity to examine my principles and... Continue Reading →

Emotional Health of Health Workforce

Emotional Health of Health Workforce “ the new coronavirus has made all the easy stuff hard”- from the New Yorker We are living in challenging times. Of the many population groups, the group most challenged are the providers of essential services in general and the health workforce in particular. The nearly universal practice of social... Continue Reading →

Mental Health and COVID 19-NAM and APHA, Apr 1,2020.

Mental Health and COVID 19 Webair by National Academy of Medicine and American Public Health Association, Apr 1,2020. National Academy of Science Engineering and Medicine, Washington, The Science of Social Distancing: Part 2 April 1, 2020 | 5:00 to 6:30 pm ET The second COVID-19 Conversations webinar will discuss benefit-risk analysis of social/physical distancing strategies,... Continue Reading →

Books useful for Disaster Mental Health Care

Books useful for Disaster mental Health Care Compiled by Prof.R.Srinivasa Murthy 1. ADVANCES IN DISASTER MENTAL HEALTH AND PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT. Edited by J.O.P.Diaz, R.Srinivasa Murthy, Rashmi Lakshminarayana. Indian Red Cross-VHAI.2006.. 2. Psychiatry of Pandemics A Mental Health Response to Infection Outbreak, Damir Huremović Editor, SPRINGER, 2019. 3. Disaster Psychiatry,-Readiness, Evolution and Treatment. Edited by F.J.Stoddard,... Continue Reading →


Navigating the Coronavirus Pandemic-Personal thoughts-3 ‘REACHING THE UNREACHED’ CHALLENGES: In most places, only emergency medical services are available, and only to those who have access to personal means of transport. So, essentially, the global lockdowns substitute one set of morbidity and mortality with another. I hope that medical scientists will keep track of the trade... Continue Reading →

Indian Psychiatric Society Response to COVID 19 Pandemic

IPS President’s Message on COVID-19 Pandemic Prof. P K Dalal, President, Indian Psychiatric Society, Head, Department of Psychiatry, KGMU, Lucknow Dated: 21-3-2020 (emphasis added) Dear Colleagues, The COVID-19 pandemic is great challenge for us, and it has disrupted our daily lives in personal and professional spheres beyond our expectations. Governments across the world are taking... Continue Reading →

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