3_Personal thoughts/Experiences of COVID 19 (April 4 2020)

3_Personal thoughts/Experiences of COVID 19 (April 4 2020) Personal thoughts/Experiences of COVID 19 (continuing thread and updated periodically) The accessibility of others experiences can help individuals to understand, what they are experiencing, and not feel that they are alone in this situation. It will also help in learning from other individuals experiences. Further, it will... Continue Reading →

LOCKDOWN (losses and Gains) Dr.Shashvat Shere

LOCKDOWN (losses and Gains) Dr.Shashvat Shere, Consultant Psychiatrist, Ratnagiri(Maharastra) I used to like to travel a lot, Void in my life I always fought. With meeting people all over, I thought my happiness grows forever. The beautiful colours in the nature, And the sounds of music on the player, The fragrance of a deo or... Continue Reading →

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