Towards mindfulness-Ashwin Shankar

TOWARDS MINDFULNESS Ashwin Shanker (with Kind Permission) THE HINDU, June 23, 2019 A pocket watch is going through a hypnotizing motion. It happened during yet another terrible day at work. I was frustrated with my boss, who simply wouldn’t listen to my suggestions to better the code we were cracking, and would favour my partner’s... Continue Reading →

RESURGENCE-Ms.Bhushan Sharma

Resurgence Ms. Bhushan Sharma My father suffered a massive brain stroke, hemorrhage, (at the age of seventy) and he was in coma for more than a month. As per doctor’s advice, we brought him home. The spill was acute and that may or may not recover or at least would take a long time as... Continue Reading →

Geetha:an unfinished story….

Geetha: an unfinished story……… The last conversation I had with Geetha was on Sunday January 27,2019. She was still in Hyderabad. She was responding to the THE HINDU, interview of Ms. Manisha Koirala. I had suggested that she has a STORY TO TELL THE WORLD … a story of triumph over adversity. I predicted that... Continue Reading →

Hope and (sacrifice)-O Henry story

In situations of uncertainties of life, many factors can make a difference. Here is a beautiful story by the master story teller, O Henry which illustrate how hope of looking at the falling leaves and the not falling leaf gives a chance to recover. There is also a hidden message of sacrifice. Caregivers are so... Continue Reading →

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