Emotional Health of Health Workforce

Emotional Health of Health Workforce “ the new coronavirus has made all the easy stuff hard”- from the New Yorker We are living in challenging times. Of the many population groups, the group most challenged are the providers of essential services in general and the health workforce in particular. The nearly universal practice of social... Continue Reading →

LOCKDOWN (losses and Gains) Dr.Shashvat Shere

LOCKDOWN (losses and Gains) Dr.Shashvat Shere, Consultant Psychiatrist, Ratnagiri(Maharastra) I used to like to travel a lot, Void in my life I always fought. With meeting people all over, I thought my happiness grows forever. The beautiful colours in the nature, And the sounds of music on the player, The fragrance of a deo or... Continue Reading →

Moving Beyond Cancer-NCI

Moving Beyond Cancer Living with a diagnosis of cancer is recognised as challenge at the physical, psychological, economic, family, society and spiritual levels. This recognition of the needs has resulted in a number of programmes to support the survivors. An effort by the National Cancer Institute is noteworthy for the exploration of the different methods... Continue Reading →

Cancer Prevention at different levels

Cancer Prevention 10 Questions a GP Must Know Manoj Sharma, MBBS, Ph.D., MCHES® Professor, School of Public Health, Jackson State University University Research Reviewer, College of Health Sciences, Walden University President, Health for All & R.Srinivasa Murthy, MD, Professor of Psychiatry (Retired) Question #1: What are cancers? Answer #1: Cancers are a diverse group of... Continue Reading →

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