Future of Mental Health- Prof.Murthy

I delivered the following oration- FUTURE OF MENTAL HEALTH with theme of ' Mental Health is too important to be limited to Professionals' on September 16, 2018. Professor Narendra Nath (October 1, 1930-July 12,2018) is my teacher and mentor. He is an eminent international psychiatrist and pioneered community mental health in India and other developing... Continue Reading →

Herbs and Health including Cancer

The most common advice offered to persons diagnosed with cancer is advice about food articles. This topic is also a frequent subject in the discussions of support groups. The National Centre for Complimentary and Integrated Health(NCCIH) of U.S.A. presents the most authoriative status.Now the information is available as an 'app'. Downloading the app will empower... Continue Reading →

Cancer is a shared disease.

Cancer is a shared disease. Dr.Patricia Omidian. Background: I have known Dr.Patricia Omidian for nearly two decades. I became aware of pioneering work on ‘FOCUSSING’ to address the trauma of war affected populations in Afghanistan and other countries where people are living in conflict situations. The approach of Focussing is not disease oriented but person... Continue Reading →

YOGA for Cancer

Yoga for Cancer: Esoteric Yogic & Dletary Remedies Kindle Edition by Bijoylaxmi Hota  (Amazon Summary) Cancer is no longer necessarily seen as a fatal disease, but as one that is either curable, or like heart disease and diabetes, manageable as a chronic condition. Cancer can be caused by toxins, stress, parasites, wrong food, negative past... Continue Reading →

Cost of Cancer Drugs

Protecting Cancer Patients from Rising Drug Costs and the Risk of Financial Catastrophe  by Rameshwar Bhardwaj (Author) (Amazon Summary) The soaring costs of cancer drugs and treatment have prompted investigators to examine the underlying causes of declining R&D productivity and design effective strategies to respond to new challenges stemming from recent scientific advances in life... Continue Reading →

Happiness in the Shadow of Cancer

Tips For Happiness In The Shadow of Cancer by Dr. Meenu Walia (Author) (Amazon Summary) One never forgets the day, the exact moment when he/she was diagnosed with cancer. For almost everybody it is a life-changing experience. This book is intended to serve as a guide to bounce back in life and get up on... Continue Reading →

Cancer of the Oesophagus

Cancer of the Esophagus - ECAB Kindle Edition by Samiran Nundy (Editor) (Amazon Summary) Of all the malignant lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, cancer of the esophagus is among the most difficult to manage. Although it has fairly typical presenting clinical features in the form of an elderly patient with dysphagia; the subsequent investigations have... Continue Reading →

Cancer in WOMEN

Understanding Cancer in Women Atul Kalkar,  Samiran Nundy, Indrani Ganguly. (Amazon Summary) Clear, succinct, but most sought-after information on various aspects of cancer in women • Special emphasis on the general patient's concerns/queries • Covers recent advances related to cancer in women About the Authors Dr. Atul Kakar is Professor and Senior Consultant in Department... Continue Reading →

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