SUFFERING_Some Reflections

SUFFERING-Some reflections The diagnosis of Cancer and living with cancer is associated with suffering. A compilation of narratives from different sources is at the later part of this blogpost. However, the more important purpose of this post is to share the insights of Sri Aurobindo on Suffering. Please read and reflect on the same and... Continue Reading →

Spirituality and Health-R.Srinivasa Murthy

Spirituality and Health-R.Srinivasa Murthy The evidence for the positive evidence of spirituality and its health benefits. This was part of the SPECTRUM lecture series of Sri Aurobindo Cultural Trust Centre at Bangalore. Beginning with the broad definition of spirituality, ‘Spirituality is a broad concept which encompasses the search for MEANING, PERSONAL VALUES and DEVELOPMENT, a... Continue Reading →


From HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL, USA. July 2019. 5 surprising benefits of walking The next time you have a check-up, don't be surprised if your doctor hands you a prescription to walk. Yes, this simple activity that you've been doing since you were about a year old is now being touted as "the closest thing we... Continue Reading →

Survivor Experiences-Anonymous

Survivor Experiences-Anonymous(March 20, 2019) Cancer Survivor experiences (whatsapp group on My Emotional health- my choice) As I was replying to the message(March 20,2019) by members in the emotional health group, my mind was flooded with all the memories of my treatment days. It's nearly 5 years post diagnosis for me. I was just wondering how... Continue Reading →

Moving Beyond Cancer-NCI

Moving Beyond Cancer Living with a diagnosis of cancer is recognised as challenge at the physical, psychological, economic, family, society and spiritual levels. This recognition of the needs has resulted in a number of programmes to support the survivors. An effort by the National Cancer Institute is noteworthy for the exploration of the different methods... Continue Reading →

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