Cancer and Theology:Book

MURTHY:I have felt that finding ‘Meaning of LIFE’ is the biggest challenge of being diagnosed with cancer. I have been looking for answers and others experiences. This book is excellent for many reasons. The contributions are from Christian preachers with their personal experience of living with cancer by themselves or in their families. Ththe other... Continue Reading →


One of the challenges of living with cancer, is to master 'uncertainity' and to find a 'purpose of life'. In this context the following book is valuable. Using a very innovative approach of themes as the approach to present the BhagavadGita, authors provide the reader a way to find purpose of life. I have found... Continue Reading →

The need for Authenticity – Gabor Mate

Dr Gabor Mate is a renowned addiction expert, speaker and author. He is sought after for his expertise on trauma, addiction, stress and childhood development. In this brilliant video, Dr Gabor Mate talks about the connection between certain personality traits and diseases like cancer. He emphasizes on the need for authenticity, which people so often suppress... Continue Reading →

The Second Chance

The Second Chance  by Ashutosh Trivedi (Author) (Amazon Summary) Have you ever experienced a 'second chance' to live more? This is a short story of a person who smokes and has the scare of being diagnosed as having cancer. Good description of the fear and the agony of going through the tests and waiting for... Continue Reading →

My Date with Cancer

My Date with Cancer   by Dr. Moitreyee Saha (Author) (Amazon Summary) My date with cancer is a true story of a cancer survivor. The author, a cancer survivor wrote the book while undergoing cancer treatment. She wanted to spread the message that cancer is curable. This book tells you that when things go wrong... Continue Reading →

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