Moving Beyond Cancer-NCI

Moving Beyond Cancer Living with a diagnosis of cancer is recognised as challenge at the physical, psychological, economic, family, society and spiritual levels. This recognition of the needs has resulted in a number of programmes to support the survivors. An effort by the National Cancer Institute is noteworthy for the exploration of the different methods... Continue Reading →

Sleep is good for Emotional Health

Sleep is good for Emotional Health One of the important new understanding of the brain is the recognition of the importance of sleep for health in general and mental health in general. In studies of cancer, there is good evidence to show people working in situations where sleep patterns and duration gets compromised, like night... Continue Reading →

Reducing Cancer Risk Through Healthy Eating_Nov 2018

Reducing Cancer Risk Through Healthy Eating (from American Association for Cancer Research, November 2018) Following dietary recommendations may reduce risk of several cancers. More vegetables and fruit. Less alcohol and processed food. You’ve heard these recommendations before, but a study recently published in Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, shows... Continue Reading →

Exercise and fitness is vital for health

In the Self-Care skills section, WALKING is one of the measures to mainitain emotional health, decrease distress and enhance survival. The following report from THE HINDU of October 29,2018, provides strong support for exercise and fitness. Not exercising worse than smoking, diabetes and heart disease: Study Afshan Yasmeen THE HINDU, Bengaluru, October 28, 2018 Researcher... Continue Reading →

Herbs and Health including Cancer

The most common advice offered to persons diagnosed with cancer is advice about food articles. This topic is also a frequent subject in the discussions of support groups. The National Centre for Complimentary and Integrated Health(NCCIH) of U.S.A. presents the most authoriative status.Now the information is available as an 'app'. Downloading the app will empower... Continue Reading →

Blueprint for Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Cancer

WCRF Blueprint for Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Cancer Roxanne Nelson, BSN, RN May 23, 2018 A new report that has reviewed all the data from the last 30 years on diet, weight, physical activity, and cancer has confirmed the link between cancer and lifestyle and provides evidence-based recommendations on how to reduce cancer risk. The... Continue Reading →

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