Wiser: The Scientific Roots of Wisdom, Compassion, and What Makes Us Good  From the field's pioneer, an exploration of the neurobiology and psychology of wisdom: what science says it is and how to nurture it within yourself―at any stage of your life.What exactly does it mean to be "wise?" And is it possible to grow and... Continue Reading →


The Miracle Pill Kindle Edition by Peter Walker  (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition (Amazon Summary) What is the 'miracle pill', the simple lifestyle change with such enormous health benefits that, if it was turned into a drug, would be the most valuable drug in the world? The answer is movement and the good news is that it's free, easy and available... Continue Reading →


Together: The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World Kindle Edition by Vivek H. Murthy (Author) (Amazon summary) In this groundbreaking book, Former Surgeon General of the United States, Vivek Murthy argues that loneliness is the underpinning to the current crisis in mental wellness and is responsible for the upsurge in suicide, the opioid epidemic,... Continue Reading →

Keep Sharp by Sanjay Gupta

KEEP SHARP  by DR. Sanjay Gupta( 2021) This is an important book focussing on  scientific evidence towards maintaining health in general and brain health in particular. The book presents evidence about the value of:-Miracle of Movement- exercise;-Power of purpose;-Value of Sleep;-Food;-Connectedness to others;The above practices of living,  are within reach of each of us, for... Continue Reading →

Psychosocial Support during the COVID-19 pandemic, April 2021

A Training Manual for Counsellors By Rahbar A Field Action Project of the School of Human Ecology,  Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai Tata Institute of Social Sciences In Collaboration With National Disaster Management Authority Section 1: Need for psychosocial support during the pandemic  Section 2: Frameworks for psychosocial support  Chapter 1: Theoretical underpinnings... Continue Reading →

Interventions to decrease distress of living with a diagnosis of Cancer

(From Psychiatric News, April 15, 2021) Psycho-oncology Services May Reduce Distress, Depression in Cancer Survivors Outpatient psycho-oncology services, including pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy, significantly reduced distress in cancer survivors up to two years after their diagnosis, according to a study published in Psycho-Oncology. “Studies which have assessed the effectiveness of psycho-oncology interventions most often did so early in the... Continue Reading →

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