1_Personal thoughts and Experiences of COVID 19: March 28 2020

Personal thoughts/Experiences of COVID 19, March 28 2020

Personal thoughts/Experiences of COVID 19

(continuing thread and updated from time to time)
The availability of experiences can help others to understand, what they are experiencing, and not feel that they are alone in this situation. It will also help the learn from other individuals experiences.
Further, it will also build an understanding the INDIANS response to the pandemic.

Please note that this is a compilation of experiences and opinions.

Please feel to share your thoughts/experiences through my email: smurthy030@gmail.com Your contributions will be added to the thread.
1. Service without expecting results
One of the challenges in a pandemic, is poor response to dissemination of information and limited involvement of people. .
Often one feels, ‘Despite giving much useful evidence based materials to individuals, organisations and Institutions through blog posts and personal letters, the response from them falls short of your expectations’.

What is the reason for not acting upon the suggestions offered?
In this context, I am reminded of the advice of spiritual masters like Buddha, Adi Shankara, Ramana Maharshi, Paramahamsa, Vivekananda, JKrishnamurthy (JK) and other spiritual leaders.

Despite their selfless plea, we are what we have always been with very little transformation. But the masters never felt let down.
However, they remained compassionate, teaching people throughout their lives.
I personally take cues from their examples and continue to do what one feels passionate about without expecting much from the people with whom one shares such useful information.
JK said, when asked why he continued to teach when nobody seemed to bother?
He said that the teaching is like a flower. It does not bother if someone looks at it, smells it or plucks it or destroys it. It is upto the people.
It is also like scattering seeds.
It may fall on rocks or on fertile land.
Our focus is on scattering the seeds!
All of us have to take such a compassionate attitude towards the poor response from people and continue to ‘sow the seeds’.

-Dr.V.Srinidharan, BR Hills, Karnataka.

2. Coping with stress
Please do exercise caution and restraint in these trying times.
However, what I see is a palpable fear gripping the populace.
Fear is not at all good for your immune system which is your best safeguard till we get a vaccine/cure.
Have just enough knowledge to protect yourself. Don’t drown in the sea of messages floating around.
While in lock down mode, engage in purposeful activities, connect only with positive people, and most importantly, connect with your inner self to introspect on what really matters in your life.
Keep life simple, at least make it so from now on. All the nefarious activities that tempt you are not worth engaging in.
Keep to the straight, simple, meaningful path. That’s our best antidote to not just this virus, but many more which will test us in the future.
More virulent, more ominous. Caution yes, fear no. Knowledge yes, overload no. Purpose yes, turbulence no. Simplicity yes, avarice no.

-Dr.Ajai Singh, Sr.Psychiatrist, Editor, Mens Sana Monograph, Mumbai.
3. Acceptance and Spirituality is helpful

I am happy to be a part of your blog, and I thank you for the same…

Fear, anxiety, depression, and other emotional issues are quite natural in this scenario.
But we have to accept the situation.
For this we need to be a little bit Spiritual.
Spirituality only can lead us to accept the reality.

If we take the situation positively, we are given an opportunity to think LIFE practically and introspect ourselves thereby realising that ANYTHING MAY HAPPEN ANYTIME and we should be prepared for the same.

Moreover, it’s a learning for us to be HUMANE towards everybody rather than beMaterialistic.
So we can dream of VASUDAIVA KUTUMBAKAM in future, by the time calamity is over.
Till then we need to be calm and peaceful supporting each other emotionally….
-GAYATHRI NAGARAJU, Voluntary Counsellor.

4. Value of being connected
I live in Brisbane, in the sunshine state usually a bustling busy city full of tourists !
When we heard of the epidemic in China and the strict isolation methods we felt it will be contained within Wuhan .
The majority of our overseas student population and 90% of our tourists are from China and South East Asia. Everybody was focussed on the economy !
But the epidemic has become a pandemic now !
The streets have few cars, the pubs, cafes, restaurants & schools are closed.

I work in an essential service (pathology ) so I continue to do so but very differently ! We skype with the trainees and other colleagues! The multidisciplinary clinical meetings are virtual .
I attend church on the big screen – it is live streamed all of it ,the music the songs & the messages !
How wonderfully competent it appears !
The digital world has provided some remarkable solutions !

I have always lamented about the social media for its intrusive, bullying, time consuming and fake news generating role, it still does that.
Now friends and family are calling each other to encourage each other as we negotiate this difficult time.
We are practising physical distancing but are consciously making efforts to be socially connected and to be sincerely there for each other .

My younger colleagues have offered to buy some groceries for me.
We have pledged to share our toilet rolls if any one runs out of it !
There is so much positive vibes in the midst of calamity !
I am thankful to God that We can learn intentional kindness towards our fellow beings .

-Dr. Kasturi Vasaka, Brisbane, Australia.

5. Worry about long-term impact
I feel the need for Mental health interventions are more important to combat this.
The psychology of people including one who are health care/ research professionals is of primary concern.
I am afraid of the stigma of social bonding that would come over post this pandemic, in an already virtual world.
The core social being nature of humans will get tampered, and that could lead to further psychological distress.
-Dr. Jeru Manoj, Genetic Researcher, Canada.

6. Isolation experience
Really appreciate your learned note on dealing with the crisis.
Initially, we did panic on the ‘seniors being more vulnerable ‘. We knew that by taking precautions we can stay safe.
We are closeted inside our complex which has put in place strict measures!
Digital thermometers for the reduced numbers security and housekeeping staff. Absolutely, no outsiders, including maids and drivers.
All deliveries have to be collected at the gate.
Help to be provided for medicines/ groceries and meals for seniors.
SreeLakshmi Gurural, Former UNICEF Staff, Bangalore
********************************************************************************7. Uncertainities of life
It is emotionally draining

Your initiative in setting up the COVID-19 information on the website is a brilliant idea and sensible one for the present condition.
The changed situation has been so drastic and emotionally draining.
What is happening in the whole world.
My fear will we also be there, if so what will be our countries condition.
If I think of it, it’s like a nightmare

I am still trying to digest and figuring my ways of copying what’s happening around.
-Annie Alexander, Social Work, Bangalore.

8. Prayer is Powerful

In this unprecedented situation, I want to share something which has been helpful to me.
A simple and powerful technique we all can do is to bring our collective consciousness, (a single minded thought process by as many people as possible) , to tackle and eradicate this disease.

In this regard I request all like minded people to say/ meditate on the following.

1. Corona virus or whatever you are, please go back to where you came from, you don’t belong among humanity, go back now, I/we command you, go now. Thank you.
2. I pray for the health/ wellness and success of all the people involved in tackling the disease.
3.I pray for all those who are ill, may they recover immediately now.
4. I pray for all those undergoing a lot of hardships due to the situation. May these be resolved right now.
5.I pray to the Universe/nature for forgiveness, help and guidance to all of us in this situation.
6. I pray for peace and wellbeing of all living beings, humanity, family and friends.
7. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your help. Shanthi , Shanthi , Shanthi.

Write it on a piece of paper and keep repeating the above as many times a day as you can sincerely. Magic will happen as the Universe knows best.

While doing this it is good to repeatedly remind ourselves that however harsh and dark the storm may be, THIS TOO WILL PASS and clear skies and sunlight will shine again.
-Prasad R. Engineer, Bangalore.
9. Past experience of coping is helpful

Isolation experiences
With everyone at home and no maids, things are just too overwhelming for me here.Right now I’m just trying to adjust to the sudden changes around me and trying to remain as calm as I can even though everything seems to stressful

Impact on life
Reading your journey with cancer and life after that, gives me a lot of hope that at every stage of life we always have a choice to choose a path that’s for the greater good.
Coming to the present COVID19 pandemic…all I would say is my life has suddenly come to a halt… And the fear of this virus had actually made me spend sleepless nights for some days… Adding to my woes, was the stock market crash that has washed away everything from my portfolio that I had built 10yrs ago, thinking that I am saving well for my future…the present financial crisis is actually taking a toll on me but I’m trying to find a way to sail through this.
If I talk about the health crisis-I have been through a similar situation before so I know what extra precautions I should take to be safe and healthy… When the whole country is talking about whether we are in stage 3 of community transmission or not… The action plan by the government resonates with the treatment plan for a cancer patient.
I understand uncertainty that we are dealing with now as I have already experienced a crisis previously.

How to navigate through this situation is something I am still trying to figure out? I guess I’ll need some time to chalk out my action plan.
Thank you very much for taking the time out to ask for my well-being. It means a lot to me. Please stay safe.

-Anonymous, Cancer Survivor in Bangalore.
********************************************************************************10. Reactions are unique to each individual

Thank God it’s not an earthquake or Tsunami. In this situation at least we can take preventive measures.

Every family will face their own different problems based on its functionality, economic status and family dynamics.

Such situations make us realize how strong or weak are we.


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