Books useful for Disaster Mental Health Care

Books useful for Disaster mental Health Care
Compiled by Prof.R.Srinivasa Murthy

1. ADVANCES IN DISASTER MENTAL HEALTH AND PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT. Edited by J.O.P.Diaz, R.Srinivasa Murthy, Rashmi Lakshminarayana. Indian Red Cross-VHAI.2006..
2. Psychiatry of Pandemics A Mental Health Response to Infection Outbreak, Damir Huremović Editor, SPRINGER, 2019.
3. Disaster Psychiatry,-Readiness, Evolution and Treatment. Edited by F.J.Stoddard, Anand Pandya, C.L.Katz. American Psychiatric Association . 2011.
4. Disasters: Mental Health Context and Responses. Edited by G.N. Christodoulou, J.E.Mezzich, N.G. Christodoulou, and D.Lecic-Tosevski. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015.
5. Psychosocial Perspectives on Peacebuilding. Editors B.Hamber and E.Gallagher. Springer. 2015.
6. Scarred Communities- Psychosocial Impact of man-made and natural disasters on Sri Lankan Society. Daya Somasundaram, Sage Publications. 2014.
7. Trauma,War, and Violence. Edited by Joop de Jong,Kluwer Academic. 2002.
8. Disasters and Mental Health, Edited by J.J.Lopez -Ibor, G.N. Christodoulou, M.Maj, N.Sartorius, A.Okasha. Wiley. 2005.
9. Intervenmtions following mass violence and disasters. Edited by E.C.Ritchie, P.J.Watson, M.J.Friedman. Guilford Press. 2006.
10. Psychiatric in Society. Edited by N.Sartorius, W.Gaebel, J.J.Lopz-Ibor, M.Maj. Wiley. 2002.
11. Coping with Catastrophe. P.E.Hodgkinson, and M.Stewart. Routledge. 1991.
12. On disasters in India. Anu Kapur. Foundation. 2009.
13. Introspective meditations for complete contentment(Santosha) by Manoj Sharma, Health for All, Inc,2018.
14. Everybody loves a drought. P.Sainath. Penguin. 1996.
15. Social suffering. Edited by A.Klienman, V.Das, M.Lock. Oxford University Press. 1998.
16. Positive Psychiatry. Edited by D.V.Jeste and B.W.Palmer, American Psychiatric Association,2015.
17. The Secrets of people who never get sick. G. Stone. Workmen Publishing. 2011.
18. Children of “THE TROUBLES” -our lives in the Crossfire of Northern Ireland. L..Holliday. Washington Square Press. 1997.

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