Emotional Health impact of Pandemic in the news-April 20, 2020


The COVID 19 Pandemic is now recognised both as a physical health challenge as well as a mental health challenge.
It is considered the biggest mental health challenge in USA after the 9/11 terrorist attack in 2001.

In the last two months there is a 34% increase in anti-anxiety drug prescriptions in USA.

COVID 19_MNH_Pandemic_Apr 19 2020

In India, there are stories of how important is the emotional support in the recovery process, for examplem, the article in The Hindu, April 18,2020 by Ms. Bindu Shajan Perappadan,. She makes important points:

“We can overcome, that is the spirit with which I fought this virus this past month,’’

“COVID-19 forces you to re-think and re-look at life. Industries are closed and we feel that things may take a while to come back to normal. But what this virus has taught me is to stay positive. The body may give up but the mind has to stay strong. Safdarjung Hospital staff became my family. Each staff there cared for me as if I was their family member,” he says.

The NDTV programme, We The People on April 19 covered this subject. It focussed both on the needs and the interventions.

We The People: Flattening The COVID-19 Anxiety Curve MNH April 19 2020.

Equally interesting is this video on finding meaning of life while living through adversities.
Dr.Victor Frankl has much to teach us all in facing adverse life situations.
He is one of my favorite heroes.

“Search for Meaning I WisdomShots I Sreejith Krishnan”

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